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Groups are welcome at orienteering events, and the following guidelines are intended to help you and your group get the most out of your orienteering experience.


For the purposes of calculating fees, a group is defined as a set of people sharing one control card (or one e-punch/timing-stick), with all starting together as a group.


The fee for a group is $5 per person and the group receives one map. Additional maps are $3 each.


One map per group is provided as part of the registration fee. 


Group leaders are asked to fill out registration forms/waivers in advance and either bring it with them to the event, or preferably, email it in advance to the Event Director.


Basic orienteering instruction is available for free at all orienteering events, but for planning purposes, we ask that leaders of large groups contact the event director in advance.



Groups with Children


Orienteering is a very safe sport and is suitable for just about anyone from age 8 to 80, adults must acknowledge that they are responsible for all minors accompanying them. Adults chaperoning or leading minors who are not their own children are responsible for these children.


We recommend that an adult accompany all children on their courses, unless the children are experienced orienteers. Unaccompanied minors may enjoy the activity more if they head out on their courses in pairs or in small groups.


If you have child-related questions, please discuss them with the Event Director.

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